Bugatti Veyron Lake Crash

Lucky drive down 45 when I shot this video.
Bugatti Veyron Lake Crash – this care is 1 in 15 in the US. 1 in 200 ever made. Worth $1-2 million. I’ll still take it.

On Wednesday the 11th November, myself and a friend were driving down I45 on our way to SAMS and I saw what I thought was a Lamborghini on the frontage. It looked pretty amazing so I pulled out my Iphone and started recording it. We had to decelerate to about 45 to 50 MPH just to not get to far ahead. within the 20 seconds or so into the recoding the vehicle veered off the frontage into a shallow salt water marsh on exit 4 just off Galveston Island. My friend picked up his cell immediately and called 911. We tried to turn around and aid but the underpass prevented us from getting to him. We were making another attempt to go around and try and reach him when we saw police cruisers, fire-trucks, and ambulance on their way to assist him. We hoped the Gent was alright and went on to Sams

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